Monday 7 February 2011

Unreal CR3 Tournament

Sometimes it's better to
not pop round the corner

Halo*Star came visiting for a game. The brief was simple. The game had to be 3 player (Halo*star, Arabiansquire and myself) and the request was "something Necromunda-esque".

Now I have the latest Necromunda rulebook and it's all fine and good, but this was to be a one off game, so the gang advances which make the game so interesting were not an issue here. We'd all played a couple of Chain Reaction games and enjoyed the system, so I thought we could beef up abit to a 5150 game. But the inexperience of us all meant that I decided to keep the gangs generic and simple so everyone was running off the same rules, rolls and weapon lists. Armour was alse left out, meaning the higher impact energy weapons should be left out for balance. By this time I realised that I'd ended up back with CR3! Not a problem.

Arabiansquire's Heavy
takes one step too far.

Three identical 5 member squads were made up:

  • Rep 5 Leader armed with BA pistol and high impact melee weapon
  • Rep 4 "Heavy" armed with a chain gun or similar
  • Rep 4 ganger armed with a shotgun,
  • Rep 4 ganger armed with BA pistol
  • Rep 3 "juve" armed with a pistol

As an objective I decided to run  a varient from the Domination mode in Unreal Tournament. 4 hotspots were located at various parts of the board. All are neutral at the start of the game. When a gang member stands on the hotspot it changes to their squad colour and their squad is awarded 1 point. If a member of another gang moves over the hotspot it changes to their squad colour and that squad gets a point (the previous team still retaining their earlier point). At the end of the alocated game time each squad is awarded 3 points for each hotspot in their colour. Any killed figures were not re-spawned, although in a larger game with more player controled squads this might be an idea. All other rules as per CR3. Simple. 

I threw down a load of scenery to keep the table busy and try and avoid the dullness of long range heavy weapons dominating the table (something that seems to happen too oftern in the Necromuda games I play!). Looking at the table I could really do with at least one more (preferably two) levels higher in terrain - ah well another project rears it's head!

And the boy becomes a man.
I'm not going to go into a full report but give a couple of key actions. Poor Halo*Star , (starting mid table) got off to a poor start and had to wait a couple of rounds to activate. Unfortunately his first "actions" were for losing his Heavy and making reaction rolls. ArabianSquire (starting at the top of the table) moved most his squad down the eastern side of the terrain, with a side squad  looking to pick off some of Halo*Star's figures and maybe get a point from a hotspot. Unfortunately he lost his Heavy to In Sight reaction fire as he tried to get a bead on some of them. my forces split as well. The majority looping round to the east picked up a hotspot and killed H*S's Heavy early doors before moving inland under the cover of the last remaining Heavy of the board. A splinter group also move up the western edge to counter A.S.'s main force. They managed to take down ArabianSquires leader as he ran round a corner, but eventually both fell victim to a plucky juve who recovered from a duck back, toughed out a received fire test and then "lucky shot" his way to clearing the opposition. Good Work!

Despite the carnage some points were scored and the game finished in 3 close scores (with me winning). We all agreed to was good fun, and the rules were beginning to sink in. We also all agreed that we needed to start picking up some gun based game tactics as tactics were generally in short supply!


  1. Can you post a link to Chain Reaction? I keep getting videos games in my google searches..

  2. Sorry about that, Tristan. That post went off a bit half cocked! I've added in the link(s) now. But Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction is here: