Thursday 10 February 2011

Who made these Sontarans & Cybermen?

The excited waiting for the cover figures on the Doctor Who Adventures magazine #204 is over. As a certain Mr. Ian Fraser Kilmister would sing, "The chase is better than the catch".

The general consensous on the previously released new Dalek figures was that they were pretty good (even if no-one likes the actual design of the new Daleks). These new figures however are not as good.

The better first. The Sontaran sculpts are well sized if not quite stocky enough. For some reason they are also un-armed, which is a bit disappointing. The plastic used is quite soft, but not as soft at that used for my recently purchased Airfix soldiers, so I'm at least hopeful that they will hold paint. I'm not a fan of the look of the new TV Sontaran's helmeted look, so I still don't like the look of the figures. Accurate then!

Citadel, Micro Universe and new DWA. Cybermen.

The Cybermen are awful. They look like they've spent the entire festive period sitting in a comfy chair,and  watching telly eating cake. Non stop. The sculptor also seems to have interpreted "emotionless" for "featureless" when it came down to the head.

So what now? I'll probably get another copy for more Sontarans. No idea what I'll do with the cybermen...


  1. The cybermen seem to be good only for chopping up to give rubble piles more oomf... I'll probably pick up some more sonts, even if only to use the helmets to convert something nicer looking... (such a pity, since the daleks were so nice...)

  2. I never really liked Cybermen for some reason...there´s something a bit "creepy" about them. I love Daleks though!!!!! :-D

  3. Funnily, I've always liked the Cybermen for exactly that reason. I think there is a zombie quality they have that.