Saturday, 22 January 2011

ArabianSquire's day of Gaming

It's been a day of a few gaming landmarks for Arabiansquire.

We went to our local gaming club this morning, Battleground Livingston, where he won a game of All Things Zombie (which will be written up soon), although there was nothing new with that. However, having just had a birthday he was able to become an associate member in his own right and get a proper members badge! Being "old" you forget how cool it is to become old enough to do certain things (I spend half my time thinking that I'm too old for certain things!)

To add the the milestones he sat down this afternoon and finished his first proper mini - One of the Space Marines he'd received for his birthday. He modestly rated it as "OK for his first one", although I think that can start thinking about organizing that holiday placement at Wizards painting sweatshop for the summer school holidays!
One down quite a few future ones to go! (If his Dad is anything to go by!)


  1. Miles better than my first Ork was, and I was older than him when I painted it. Good show!

  2. Great job, here's to many more! My first painting consisted of me dunking a mini into a pot of paint, which was my idea of "basecoat". My older brothers didn't much appreciate my effort.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. The wee lad is chuffed to the gutties.