Thursday, 20 January 2011

Switch to Plan C

(I've already used Plan B)

One day David will get to start running his D&D 4e adventure. I suspect all those embittered 3.5 player's voodoo sessions are starting to finally kick in. After we'd finished our fun XCrawl adventure David was lined up to run a D&D 4e adventure. He's been patiently waiting between Lothian Gamers usual Sunday Sessions and our fortnightly midweek game for probably a couple of years now and finally a slot became available. Unfortunately it is are proving to be as frustrating to get through as the Doors of Durin. Since November we've had to call off due to illness, weather, christmas, broken technology, dementia and even invasion force from France! So I shouldn't have been suprised when this Monday's session fell foul of the 3.5 players Hex as well.

As luck should have it, though, the one person who could make it plays Warmachine, so we managed a quick game to re-start the Bronzed Steam Punk Wheels in my head for the upcoming WM League at our local store. The fact that we both play Cryx and are actually each others first League opponents meant that there were probably quite a cards being played close to the chest, but as both us had new units to try out we grabbed hold of the opportunity. In my table prep before the game I got a bit excited when reaching to the terrain shelves (it's been a months since my last game) and put FAR too much scenery on the table for a warmachine game, but you live and learn - at least it looked good. I'm afraid I was too mentally strained to take any pictures or notes for a battle report, so a evening summary will have to do.

Poor MacSver was looking to test out his Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters unit but became stuck between some hedges and an Epic Asphyxious Caustic Mist barrage and never came into play much (although the a couple of LOS rules were cleared up - so not wasted) also blocking off his mechanithralls. I got to see my newly painted Mechanithralls in action for the first time, which was nice, but I still don't know how to set-up and use my DeathJack properly (despite reading loads of guides on the web!). I did learn that my Skarlock Thrall isn't particularly useful with eAsphyxious. And the combo of Denegrha's feat and a Pistol Wraith almost killed the big warcaster! Again lessons learned in the battlefield stick longer than those on paper!

The end result was not important (although I technically won ;-) ) and I must thank MacSver for his patience as I floundered through each turn trying to remember what each unit could do.

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