Friday, 13 August 2010

Fall Back to Plan B

Last minute call offs. Unfortunate but hopefully unavoidable (assuming it’s a case of ill health or real life and not a case to poor attitude).

As mentioned in the previous RPG post, we are all set to wrap up this segment of the campaign with one last session. But with a call off it was decided to postpone so that everyone in the party can enjoy the climax they've been working towards these past few months. But with the rest of the players arriving (and to be honest enlightening me to the situation) there was the burning issue of what to play. We're mid action, so no one-off side quest, pulling out a skirmish game would take too long to set-up, so over to the games shelf. Being a fantasy game, and having recently played it my hand wandered toward Heroquest, but this was poo-pooed as the game play was co-operative. The players in the group aren't so much competitive, but just like the idea of raining on each others parade game-wise. So, under the brief of similar but different, "The Classic Dungeon" was pulled out.

The Classic Dungeon is a dungeon crawl game where the aim is to get a certain wealth of loot to win. The rooms are organised into 6 different difficulty levels, with each room having a treasure and a monster. In theory the higher the level the more difficult the monster but the better the loot. The game is all the more entertaining by virtue of the fact that the other players get to roll the monsters attack dice, hits more often than not resulting in missed turns and dropped goodies. By the end of the game we'd also worked in a couple of the advanced rules - namely the one where you can ambush your fellow players and nick their prized treasure. In the end MacSver had won an very enjoyable game. I thought I'd best mention that as he claims he rarely wins any games he plays. It's total rubbish, but I don't want to upset him.

As for the roleplaying - there's always next week. I'll look out a different game just in case this time though. As I've said before - fun is too important to be just left to chance!

NB: Forgot to pull out the camera, so photo's cheekily lifted from the excellent Boardgamegeek site. Any please get in touch if this offends anyone.

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