Sunday, 22 August 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Deneghra

One thing that always sits wrong with me is that most images of Deneghra make her look much too healthy. In the background fluff Deneghra is living dead, so I thought she needed a slightly more pallid completion. Also, given the areas of flesh that were exposed, Farscapes Chiana sprung to mind, so a pale grey (with purple hue as my Cryx colour) was attempted...

any excuse really!


  1. You need an excuse?

    The nitpicker in me wants to point out that the Deneghra you're using (the Warwitch) is still alive, and that it's the epic version (the Wraith Witch) who's undead.

    But who cares? The grey looks good and frankly you could paint her orange for all the meaningful difference it would make (by the way, don't try that).

  2. I must have mis-read the fluff. No problem.