Friday, 20 August 2010

First 10mm miniatures

Having picked up Pendraken's 10mm Dungeon Pack, I've begun making inroads to getting it painted up.

As these are the smallest figures I've painted, thought I'd best start with favourite beginners target of the Skeletons.

Nice and easy - basecoat white, Citadel Brown ink , drybrush Miniature Paints Pale Flesh, Vallejo Sepia ink the spear/bow shafts.

Next notch up on the paint-o-meter the goblins:

The detail on these made me opt to use inks more than paint - Basecoated white, skin washed in Valljo black/green ink, boots washed in Citadel Brown ink, chainmail painted in Miniature Paints Chainmail & washed with Coat d'Arms armour wash.

Having looked at some online 10mm pictures I'm not sure if the green ink skin is bright enough to stand out at this scale. The actual dungeon pieces may need to be painted up so that I can gauge it.

As an asside, now I've started on 10mm, suddenly the term "miniature" doesn't really seem to fit my standard 28mm figures!!


  1. Nice set of figures - I'm currently a 2mm or 15mm man at the moment so these seem strange :-)

    Key thing is contrast and no details (e.g. eyes) - concentrate of bright primary colours and what looks garish close up tones down as you move away.

    Have a look at some of the 2mm and 6mm figures to see the basic techniques.


  2. Thanks for the tips.

    It's amazing how the technique of something I've been doing for years (painting to narrow it down!) suddenly changes with a change of scale.

  3. wow, 10mm?

    I am impressed by how well they turned out....

    Shame they're now out of stock of that starter set....

  4. Very nice indeed

    Take care