Monday, 30 August 2010

Boxfile Modular Space ship

And so another project begins without another one ending. I may as well get any apologies out of the way now to our cousins on the Western side of the Atlantic, as I believe that the humble boxfile is not a commodity easy attained across the water.

I've been a fan of the box file as a scenic structure for a while now, mostly without taking any ideas to full fruition. They are sturdy (being built of wood chip on 3 sides) easily stored (being box shaped) and regular) coming only in a couple of sizes. I've used one for my Dog Soldiers cottage. I've also used them as areas for fantasy roleplaying (see below).

The plan is to build a modular sci-fi structure with a series of boxfiles, each section with a seperate "theme" or purpose. So far I've 6 boxes, so I've provisionally pitched accomodation, hanger, command area, med bay, science wing and engineering. The original idea was a space craft, but the good thing about a future setting is that it (or a subset of modules) could easily be used as a building or complex.

As a note, this is to be another "lunch-time" project. My other main similar project has slightly stalled in the painting stage, as that has to be done at Arabian Towers, where there are other priorities and distractions. So this one is predominated printing, gluing and cutting.


  1. Wow never looked at them this way and they make perfect sense.
    The ones above look great by the way.

  2. Cheers, Mark. Paper terrain from WorldWorks by the way.

    I've still only managed to complete a meagre two sci-fi ones, but one has been mostly done for about a year and by coincidence th eproject has been in mind mind to get back to in the last couple of weeks.

    Your comment I think is the catalyst to get it all started again, so much appreciated.

  3. Box Files for scenery settings?

    What a BRILLIANT idea, damn another idea of yours I'll have to steal....