Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Spaceship Doors

Before the build starts I need to sort out how I'm going to do certain elements. One of the main decisions to be made is what is going to happen with the doors throughout the complex.

The doors between box file sections will have to be marked, as I'm not going to cut holes in the boxfiles. These doors will be assumed to be bulkheads or security doors, so will not be left open. The internal doors are a different matter however. I feel it is important that these can be opened for gaming. The question is how?

Option 1: Solid door. I've used the cutout from the foam core wall to use for the door. It has a nice robustness about it, but I can see it being a bit fiddly to take out mid game, as it has to be pushed out of it's fit in the wall.

Option 2: Use a door insert. The door texture is mounted on card  and slid through the upper doorframe where the foam has been removed. The resulting door is a bit more flimsy  and loose than in option 1 and the wall is weakened by the lack of foam at the lintel, but it is easier to remove mid game.

I'll have to have a think about this, but with the better in-game mechanics I'm starting to side with option 2.

Textures are from the Stone Edges Orbital set, by the way. They have just the worn look about them that could be either from well used space freighter or gloomy multilevel complex.


  1. Option 2 definitely. Love your boxfile idea - wish I could find them in Canada.

  2. Thanks, Tristan. If you follow the TMP link there are a couple of suggestions for alternatives.