Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Slow start to the new year

It's all been a bit quiet in gaming land, at least on the surface. Hopefully now the end of the holiday season (which for me means the school holiday schedule) everything can get back to a normal routine.

Arabiansquire potentially has an interesting year. He's just had a birthday which means he can join the local gaming club as an associate member in his own right, technically meaning I don't have to supervise him. In theory he can find a couple of friends to play with  if a common game can be agreed upon (and I can play against adult opposition). This may require a bit of education for the other club members, as they are all stuck with Games Workshop armies that they spend the whole session setting up, palying 2 turns then running out of time or interest. I'm sure they'll see the light when we find a game that can use they're figures AND play an entire game... There's no rush for this though, it's just nice that he can become a member of a club that he's been attanding on and off for over 2 years for now.

Part of his birthday haul was a Games Workshop 40k Starter paint set, which he's seen a couple of times in store and asked about (yes, yes I know the irony/hypocrisy of this from the last paragraph!). I had put him off, saying I had more than enough figures and paints for him to use if he wanted, but the hours of painting were never forthcoming. I hope that this gift will start him, as he'll have all his own equipment and figures to relax and get going with instead of gingerly using Daddy's.

As for me? Well having signed up for a Warmachine League at the local store in Livingston, I've started painting up a few new figures to hopefully field - a DeathJack that's been sitting part painted of months and a new unit of 5 Mechanithralls to act as early round bullet magnets. The league officially starts this Saturday, so I'll need a couple of practice games first to remind myself of what everything does!

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  1. I'm sure they'll see the light when we find a game that can use they're figures AND play an entire game...

    It does have an extraordinary effect on people, that.

    I think having his own stuff will loosen him up a lot; he can trash it and not feel too guilty about it, so he's more likely to experiment.