Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gladiator School - Month 2 (Part 2)

Caecilianus (Small Rep 3 Hoplomachus) vs Rep 3 Murmillo
Turns 1&2: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(15), Murmillo(15), Init Murmillo
  • Both advance towards each other
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(15), Murmillo(15), Init Hoplomachus
  • Hoplomachus retires 1". 
  • Murmillo advances full distance (gap now 4")
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(15), Murmillo(15), Init Hoplomachus
  • The Hoplomachus advances 3" and attacks, trying to take advantage of his superior weapon reach, but the attack come to nothing.
  •  The Murmillo steps up toe to toe and engages his opponent, but the two fighters are still evenly matched.
Turn 5: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(10), Murmillo(12), Init Hoplomachus
  • The Hoplomachus makes a thrusting attack, but his lack of size is causing him problems and he gets hit in the lower left leg. Fortunately no wound is made but he staggers backwards 1"
  • The Murmillo follows the Hoplomachus and attacks, but the attack fails to have any impact on either side.
Turn 5: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(4), Murmillo(6), Init Hoplomachus
  • Starting to get tired, the Hoplomachus makes an attempt to flank his adversary to the left, but his slow tired effort is easily spotted and the Murmillo steps across to block the maneuver.
  • The Hoplomachus still has his attack though and scores a hit on the Murmillo's belly, not wounding but crucially knocking his fatigued combatant to the ground.
  • The small Hoplomachus follows up the knocked down with a second attack. Both fighters are near exhaustion, and the felled Murmillo hasn't the strength to prevent himself being wounded in the chest. He surrenders, spent and bloodied. Caecilianus just manages to stay on his feet to be declared winner (+3 AP, +3 Fame)

Dacien (Rep 4 Thraex) vs Rep 3 Murmillo
Turns 1&2: Dice Pool: Thraex(20), Murmillo(15)
  • Both advance towards each other
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Thraex(20), Murmillo(15), Init Thraex
  • The Thraex advances and attacks.
  • The ferocity of the attack catches the Murmillo by suprise and takes a fatal wound to the chest.
  • With his opponent lying dead at his feet Dacien is declared winner and also receives a laurel wreath for his clinical victory (+3AP, +53 Fame)

Eborius (Rep 4 Provocator) vs Rep 3 Hoplomachus
Turns 1&2: Dice Pool: Provocator(20), Hoplomachus(15)
  • Both advance towards each other to finish 6" after turn 2
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Provocator(20), Hoplomachus(15), Init Provocator
  • The Provocator retreats 1", wary of the Hoplomachus' spear and looking for a chance to get in range.
  • The Hoplomachus advances 3". (4" gap)
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Provocator(20), Hoplomachus(15), Init Hoplomachus
  • The Hoplomachus sees his chance, advances and attacks his cautious opponent, using the superior reach of his spear to his advantage. A hit is made, but it is only to the heavily armored head of Eborius, not wounding and only knocking him back 1".
  • The Provocator rushes forward with a bash attack, trying to knock the Hoplomachus to the ground, but the man with the spear stands his ground.
Turn 5: Dice Pool: Provocator(12), Hoplomachus(10), Init Hoplomachus
  •  The Hoplomachus gets the next attack in but is clumsy with his longer spear and is knocked to the ground, a nasty wound bleeding on his chest.
  • The Provocator presses home the advantage on his felled opponent, striking and wounding again, this time to the exposed belly.
  • The second wound to the torso is too much, and the Hoplomachus slumps back dead.
  • Eborius is declared winner with a laurel wreath (+3AP, +53 Fame)
Caius says: "It was always going to be difficult to follow up the success of the first month. Sometimes the Gods smile on you sometimes they have other plans. Poor Abercius didn't get a roll of the dice his whole match. He's probably lucky to only escape with a wounded leg. Hopefully it'll heal for the matches next month. But with three laurel wreaths and an exciting close call fight I can be happy. THe retiarus' net showed it's worth this round. With a fighter ability hindered (-2 Rep) when ensnared the man with the trident can really press on, especially at this low level where any disadvantage is huge. That is why my smallest warrior, Caecilianus, still amazes me with his wins."

(Total cash : 3260 aurei) 

Gladiator Stats:
  • Abercius: Rep 4, AP 3, Fame 3, wounded (leg)
  • Balbillus: Rep 4, AP 7, Fame 57
  • Caecilianus: Rep 3, AP 7, Fame 7
  • Dacien: Rep 4, AP 6, Fame 56
  • Eborius: Rep 4, AP 6, Fame 56


  1. Thanks for this batrep. I hope Ed will do a new version of these rules. Every ruleset since CR3 is written so much clearer and easier to learn. I really want to play this game, but I just can't get the rules into my head...even though these is the shortest THW ruleset I own.

    Where all combatants PCs or NPCs? Or is the first character always a PC and his opponent a NPC?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  2. Hi Oliver,

    The first (named) characters are PC's and their opponents are all NPC's, so there are a couple of behaviours that can be predicted (movement and possible flanking), but nothing that isn't common sense.

    As for the rules, I suppose this was written in the days when THW really did get stick for their formatting. Printing out the QRS does help a bit with the majority of tables, but there are still a couple of areas I need to keep flicking through the book for. I should really put them onto another QRS.

  3. Just to add to my last comment, on the Two Hour Wargames yahoo group, in the fan based material you can find 2 excellent resources by someone going under the moniker of "Yoki". One is a set of character sheets personallised for each type of Gladiator (very useful for armour values). There is also a rules reference (which I hadn't noticed) which contains all the rules in the book that I have to keep leafing through to find. I wish I'd noticed that before! So those and the QRS should hopefully keep the book shut!

  4. (OMG the grammar mistakes in my previous post are evil)

    I discovered the rules reference just some days ago. This maybe a way for me to finally grasp these rules.