Friday 31 December 2010

Zombie Hunter Ashlee & Fantasy Cultist

Thought I'd get these two quickies cataloged before the turn of the year:

Hasslefree Miniatures "Ashlee Campbell". This figure now seems to be a standard "must have" for any zombie gamer and its easy to see why. I'm not entirely happy with some of the finish of my painting here close up. She's a lovely simple model to paint and I think there-in lies the problem for me. But all said and done she'll still look great on the table.

This young lady has been sitting on the paint table in various states of (un)paint for literally years. She comes from Alternative Armies fantasy range but no longer seems to appear on their website so I can't tell you exactly which range. The sculpt is a bit old school (with strange bulging eyes) but it's such a nice scenario model (there's bound to be an altar near when she's put on the table) that I've never put her back in the unpainted tin.


  1. Dude, loving the Zombie/hunter minis. Having slaughtered zombies by the thousand on the XBox and WHFB I feel the need to destroy them in a RPG format like your excellent posts. How do I go about it. What game system etc do you use?

    advice would be much appreciated

  2. Well the rules I use are Two Hour Wargames "All THings Zombie" which are excellent (and Origins Award Winning). The core rulebook is easily enough to start with and keep you going.

    With the popularity in Zombie gaming over the last few years there are various companies who do zombie hordes. I have zombies from Zombie Smith, Wargames Factory and Hero/horrorclix figures although there are others.

    Survivor mini's are all over the place as well. Anything modern/near future will do. I have Hasslefree, Foundry, Heroclix, Copplestone and more. There's a great choice out there.

    These are all 28mm, but there are 15mm options as well, although you have to use your google-fu to find them.

    Hope this help, and keep aiming for the head!

  3. thanks mate, appreciate the leads. Just after adding my comment I decided to throw all common sense out of the window and write my own game up! I've done something similar in my youth with the post-apocalyptic genre, but decided to really simplify and do a basic combat system and expand from there (the PA game ran to some 300 pages-phew!)Have already mocked up some building floor plans and a rough and ready combat system for me and my kids to play-test. Actually v excited about how it's turning out! I love the Hasslefree 25mm minis and if the game works out will deffo purchase some, in the mean time have got some GW ghouls, skels and old chainsaw warrior minis to sub for combatants.... time to kick some zombie ass!