Monday, 20 December 2010

Gladiator School Campaign

I've had Two Hour Wargames Red Sand Blue Sky Gladitorial ruleset for a few years now but despite having some figures painted up and even an arena to fight in I never seem to get round to playing any games of it, despite the fact I've enjoyed it couple of trial games I've played. So I've decided to start a solo campaign. Most RSBS campaigns I see on the web follow a single character through their career, so I thought I'd try the alternative campaign and run a school of gladiators. This'll give me several different styles of combatant to use as well as prolong the campaign in the case of some heinous injury. To keep this realistically running as well I'm going to pledge to run at least a month a month, meaning that each real month I'll do at least one round of contests.

I shall play the part of Caius Fatuous . After having rowed Ekonomikrisis's galley round half the Roman Empire I have disembarked to set up a school at the newly constructed arena in Londinium in the outer reaches of the known world - Britannia.

Following the rulebook I start with 5000 aurei. My gladiator stock is limited to Rep 3 & 4 and I've picked a random cross-section of styles to go with a random rep and random rolls for parts of the body where armour can vary. Size was also rolled according to the rulebook. My initial gladiator school thus consists of:
  • Abercius: Secutor, Rep 4, Normal Sized, AV 40 - Cost 480   
  • Balbillus: Retiarus, Rep 4, Normal Sized, AV 38 - Cost 460   
  • Caecilianus: Hoplomachus, Rep 3, Small Sized, AV 46 - Cost 520  
  • Dacien: Thraex, Rep 4, Large Sized, AV 47 - Cost 550  
  • Eborius: Provoctor, Rep 4, Normal Sized,AV 45 - Cost 530
    Total Spend 2540 aurei

    As you can see I've only spent half my budget. I need 100 aurei to put into the prize purse per fight and I've left enough to purchase a couple more gladiators should by initial training sessions give unfortunate results. With a bit of luck I'll soon be moving away from these squallid outreaches back towards the glory of Rome.


    1. Nice idea , was working on a similar idea at our club and involve at least 5 players, the matches are short enough to play seveal games and unfortunatly they do die quite quickly, looking forward to the progress of ABCD

      Good luck


    2. Cheers Andrew. They are short indeed. If the lesser Rep fighter falls in the first combat they are really against it!