Wednesday 22 December 2010

Gladiators - Month 1 Fight 1: Secutor vs Retiarus

And so the Road back to Rome begins with Abercius the Rep 4 Secutor vs Rep 3 NPC Retiarus

I'll note this fight down in a more cold, mechanics demo fashion to show what is rolled, but in future I'll be more narrative in the fight summary.
Turn 1: Dice Pool: Secutor(20),Retiarus(15), Init Retiarus
  • All Move towards each other full move
Turn 2: Dice Pool: Secutor(20),Retiarius(15), Init Retiarus
  • Retiarus move to max net range (6") 
  • Secutor closes in to 3"
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Secutor(20),Retiarus(15), Init Secutor
  • Secutor moves in to engage Retiarus in HtH.
  • Dice Allocation (DA): Secutor(4), Retiarus(2)
  • Secutor Pass 2, Retiarus 0
  • Hit scored on chest with a wound (and burn 3 DA) and Retiarus knocked down (burn 1 DA)
  • Secutor immediate follow-up attack for a knockdown.
  • DA: Secutor(4), Retiarus(2) (Retiarius on ground so burns double, DA = 4)
  • Secutor Pass 1, Retiarus 0
  • Hit scored on left arm for a wound (and burn 2 DA) and Retiarus rolls 1" to the left (burn 1 DA)
  • Retiarus stands (Cost 2" movemnet) and retreats 3"
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Secutor(12),Retiarus(2), Init Secutor
  • Secutor advances 3"
  • Retiarus - Catch Breath roll Fail, Net Attack roll Fail, Move away 5"
Turn 5: Dice Pool: Secutor(12),Retiarus(2), Init Secutor
  • Secutor advances 3"
  • Retiarus Catch Breath
Turn 6: Dice Pool: Secutor(20),Retiarus(3), Init Retiarus
  • Retiarius Catch Breath
  • Secutor advance and engage
  • DA: Secutor(4), Retiarus(2)
  • Secutor Pass 0, Retiarus 1
  • Hit scored on Belly but no wound and Secutor gives ground by 1"
Turn 7: Dice Pool: Secutor(7),Retiarus(2), Init Retiarus
  • Retiarus Net attack
  • DA: Secutor(3), Retiarus(2)
  • Secutor pass 3, Retiarus 1
  • Secutor cuts net rope tether & Retiarus surrenders spent
As this is in the Empire outer reaches the Retiarus has no survival vote to go through and lives to fight another day. Secutor gains 3AP & 3 Fame points. Caius gets the 100 aurei winners purse.

Looking back at the action notes I can see that I may have messed up the NPC movement in turns 3 & 4 as he would have been retreating at double movement allocation or would have left himself facing away from his opponent in turn 6. Also I don't think the NPC should have caught his breath on Turn 6. Don't think it made any difference to the outcome after the brutal Turn 3 combat which wounded the NPC and burned nearly all his Dice.

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