Sunday 2 January 2011

Looking Forward to 2011

If I was doing this whole thing properly I'd be review the past year first, but I fear turning into a pillar of salt for looking over my shoulder so we'll just plough on regardless into 2011.

The aims for the the coming year will split into 2 categories - Game Play and Gaming Practice.

Game Play
  • Warmachine: in the last 6 months I've managed  to start (and paint) my main Cryx army and have only half a Death Jack to paint to have all my models painted up. Well almost. I've put my name down for a league at the new local gaming store, Worlds @ War, in Livingston, Scotland which has slightly brought forward the purchase of another (Mechanithralls) unit by a couple of months. No big deal. Oh and I did also buy Cygnar battle group (& proxy additional forces) but they aren't on the painting list yet.
  • 20mm WWII: This is the biggy this year. I've already managed to pick up a selection of Airfix 1:72 figures and scale vehicles (mostly on the cheap) and this year sees the glue and paint hitting the plastic and the results hitting the table.
  • Gladiators: Having started a Gladitorial School RSBS solo campaign I aim to play a months gametime each month.
  • Songs Of Blades and Heroes: A much delayed (due to Warmachine) campaign has been in the offing for months now - I hope to get my skaven into action this year in an extended run of games.
  • 10mm Dungeon Crawl: I need to finish off the10mm Dungeon pack I've started and get some good old fashioned crawling done.
  • Projects: I've a few half finished projects left over from 2010: Sci-fi tunnel complex, modular spaceship, Racing Pods to name just 3. I will be aiming to get these finished in the first 6 months of the year, or at least before I start any other projects.
  • Modern/Zombie/Horror: After making roads into this last year I hope to continue with a few more painted mini's.
Gaming Practice:
  • The Second Great Scottish Clearances: It's sad to say, but I have had to finally agree with Mrs AK. that the Arabian Towers Hobby shed is too full of "stuff". I'm going to have to take that tough, heartbreaking journey to ebay (and in some cases the charity shop) to make the space more habitable. On the up side this'll hopefully bring in some cash and assuming that the British Goverment don't start an new hobby tax (best not joke, actually) this'll help balance the books.
  • Open Accounting: which seemlessly brings me onto my second grand plan. Although I try to keep costs down I've never been brave/bothered enough to keep note of what I spend on my hobby. Some stones are best left unturned as they say. Well it's time do bring out the lifting gear and tip this mighty menhir over this year. In an attempt to see what the true cost of gaming is I'll be keeping a running spreadsheet of comings and goings. What's more I'll be airing this dirty laundry in public with a linked page from the top this blog. Here's hoping that I don't end too many months with my head in my hands muttering "Oh no, what have I done. The wife'll kill me!"
  • Playing more games: This isn't just a bid to wrack up the hours spent rolling dice. To get full "Value For Money" the gaming resources need to be used, so I'll be looking to play a variety of games to get the most from my figures. To start off I've joined a league at the local store which will force me to play at least a game of Warmachine each month. Good start.
  • Bought v Painted ratio: Which start of year list would be complete without this old chestnut. I think I did OK last year but without having accounted it I can't be sure how well. So this year I'll be keeping a note of that as well in the accounting page.
Well, watch this space...


  1. Good luck with the accounting! I'm trying to do the same thing and I fear it may be a lost cause. It's not so much the finances I'm worried about as using it as a means to drive my painting so that I feel I can justify more purchases and see some progress!
    I'll pop by now and then to see how you're doing and lend moral support!
    Good luck!

  2. Cheers, Andy. Over the last year I've found doing this blog to be one of the best things to keep me painting. As for the finances, I fear it'll all total up to more than expected, but we'll see...

  3. Wish you the best with the accounting - can (and in my case did) get rather worrying so keep at it as it helps control the costs. I've decided to treat myself this year - buy very little between shows and have a shopping list for the stands when I can get to the shows :-)

    As for the Skaven - look out for WD next month they have new figures in. My run so far with them in SoBH is 100% failure but like all 'good' Skaven the clan breeds again and we will win over the world!

    Enjoy 2011
    Main site:

  4. Thanks, Andrew. I think in the past ignorance has been bliss. I worry that the final cost whilst being frugal will be higher than confortable leding the question of how much did I spend before. At least I conveniently bought the vast bulk of my Warmachine spend last year ;-)

    As for the skaven, I'll give these rodents a run before calling in new reinforcements. Keep on believing, ratkin.