Saturday 30 September 2023

Judge Dredd Campaign #1.2 - Crossroads Ambush

After the narrow escape from the Sushi raid, the Ainsley Harriot gang thought they'd put down a marker on their turf. A squad was set out to ambush a Judge patrol at the edge of their turf.
Being able to set up ahead of the event, the gangers set up with two in positions overlooking the crossroads. The rest of the gang started off board, looking to rush in when the action started.
Ganger decided to take advantage of the surprise and vantage point and fired a heat seeker at the rookie judge. Fortunately for the young judge it missed, although she was slightly shaken by the sudden attack.

Judge Norrie saw the attack and took no risks. "Hi-Ex" was set to his gun and the Perp disappeared in a cloud of flame - out of the fight.

From the another high spot overlooking the junction a ganger had the time to take aim, hitting and wounding the Norrie however.

This gave the signal for a mob of Juves to dash out of cover down the street and pounce on the reeling Judge

He was unable to cope with the combined flurry of blows and was taken out.

As the Rookie ducked back to recover the Fattie Contender rumbled into the affray from the other end of the main street.

Caught in a pincer movement the Judge had to make a decision. Feeling she had enough cover from the Fattie she decided to concentrate in the other direction where a the sniping ganger had joined the Juves at street level. To deal with  the Juves, she gave them some strumm gas to contend with.

It is strong stuff, and rendered them all unconscious

This gave the Fattie the opportunity to line himself up and Judge and embark on a flab charge. Knocking the lawkeeper flying over the central barrier in an unstoppable force.

With the Judge lying on the road injured, confused and disorientated the Fattie swung back round and finished her off.

The Law would think twice before venturing onto the turf of the Ainsley Harriot Appreciation Society.

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