Tuesday 19 September 2023

Demon Shruuf


This beauty is all built and painted and I've not even got a part to moan about this time!

Demon Shruuf from Ral Partha Europe. It was originally bought to fill the tentacle demon type in Reign In Hell, but will also serve up well as an alien in Majestic 13. As ever, being a multipart figure delayed matters as I summed up the courage and enthusiasm to construct the thing (not my favourite activity) but once done it was certainly no chore to paint. 

There is quite a lot going on what with all the limbs swirling around so I painted the body a slightly different hew from the tentacles to differentiate the two areas, and the fleshier parts also help. Lot's of sculpted texture as well to ease it all.

There is certainly nothing else like it in my collection and it really makes me smile!

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