Sunday 24 September 2023

A couple of Frostgrave chums


2 Frostgrave Figures
Out of the blue, a couple of Frostgrave figures. These two are a result of my unfocused collection. I quite often have a couple of primed figures that sit at the edge of the paint mat. They are usual general squad figures with no fixed project and when I have some spare paint on my palette they get some of it. When they reach a certain level an evening is spent finishing them off. It lends it self to a colour scheme that doesn't match up to anything else and also gets a couple more figures painted for very little effort.

The one aim in this case was that I was wanting to have another go at painting a dark skin tone. Here I started with a dark leather base, applied GW Doombull brown mixed with a touch of Miniature Paints Chocolate Brown to highlight, which turned out way too red, so I stippled some Coat D'Arms Hairy Brown on the highlight areas to bring the colour back and it seems to have turned out OK. More saved the situation than cemented a new colour scheme, but all a learning process.

The figures are both Northstar Frostgrave figures. The right hand one is from their sprue boxset that I thought I'd finally have a bash at constructing. The right hand figure is a metal that I received on the Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter. I can't find it one the site now so I'm not sure if it is temporally  out of stock, or discontinued or a Nick Starter exclusive. A witch doctor I may think? I await to be confirmed or corrected....

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