Thursday, 14 August 2014

IHMN - Victoria's House Staff Painted

She won't be amused by the wait, but after a bit the Palace House Staff are ready to attend. A combination of Ironclad Miniatures and Wargames Foundry figures.

From left to right: Young Maid Rose, Mrs Bridges the Cook and Lady Isabel, Lady in Waiting.

From Left to Right again : Down from the Balmoral Estate, Groundskeeper William, Head Butler Mr. Bridges and Maid Agnes.

The final section of the gang consists of 6 IronClad Miniatures Palace Grenadier Guards, who are on the table as we speak...


  1. Nice figures, nice painting !

  2. Nice looking minis, beautiful civilians!

  3. Thanks, Guys. It certainly helps that the sculpts faces are so characterful.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Simon, much appreciated. Nothing too complicated, unlike the modern camo on your most recent Jester's Squad additions.