Saturday, 9 August 2014

15mm Skirmish Box - another AAR

It's school holidays time and with some downtime I pulled out the Skirmish box for a quick game with Arabiansquire - one of the reasons the whole project started in fact. It's the first game of SoBH )or any wargame) he's played in quite a while - he's been seduced by the dark side of the local gaming club (Magic The Gathering!), so I gave him the humans and a reasonable middle ground.

The forces gathered at opposite corners.

The Barbarian force consisted of a Leader, an Archer and 5 Warriors.
The Undead had 3 Skeleton Warriors, 2 Mounted Cavalry (one of which was the Leader) and 4 Walking Dead.

The Humans cautiously advanced first

The Undead pushed forward down one flank. The Walking dead though refused to budge.

SO the Undead Leader had hang back go and give them a second boost next turn.

By this time the Humans were moving round to the avenue the undead warriors were moving down.

A axeman charged in for the attack, but was knocked down and swamped by the skeleton warriors

But they were no to have it all their own way as a follow up attack took one of them to dust.

THe Human numbers were starting to arrive in support in numbers and the Skeleton Cavalry withdrew.

Another barbarian push faltered as the Walking Dead started to enter the village centre.

The skeletons pulled back to a defensive line allowing the more powerful Humans the push through the narrow street into some space.

But the trap was sprung and the skeleton line retreated further to allow the walking dead line to attack their living foe. The plan came unstuck, however, as the poor quality of the zombies told and only one advanced.

The Barbarians took advantage and charged past to the bony enemy, with mixed results.

The charging humans were surrounded and dealt with, and when a human fell to the lone walking dead the 50% tipping point was reached.

The gradual whittling away of human numbers and the now massed Undead obviously effected moral, and the the resulting cascading moral checks as the Barbarian Leader fled the village left the Undead in command of the area.

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