Friday 22 August 2014

Freddy vs Scooby

MacSver and I played our first ever game of Faith and Fear last week. I've had the rules (both Faith and Fear and the expansion Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters) for years but never turned the pages on the table before. So I dug out some carefully chosen figures for some spooky fun...Freddy Krueger vs Scooby Doo! (and friends)

Scooby Gang
  • Daphne (56pts) Q3+; C2; Designer Shoes,Hero,Killer Heels,Love Interest
  • Scooby Doo (54pts) Q3+; C3; Animal,Flee,Long Move,Recurring Character,Stealth
  • Freddy (88pts) Q3+; C3; Conviction,Leader,Pistol,Reassuring
  • Shaggy (30pts) Q4+; C1; Flee,Hero,Stealth
  • Velma (82pts) Q3+; C2; Chainsaw,Conviction,Science Major,Strongwilled
Dream Zone 
  • Freddy Krueger (100pts) Q3+; C3; Hero,Razor,Recurring Character,Teleport
  • 3 x Nightmare Worm (64pts) Q3+;C1; Multi-Headed*,Teleport
* Multiheaded is a Home-brew rule. Every extra head counts for outnumbering purposes. When a kill is made on the creature one of the heads is killed, not the creature (so outnumbering value decreases) until last head is killed - 15pts cost.

The table set up was as above: a old house and grounds in the middle of a remote wood (of course). Freddy (and pets) were to be hunting the Scooby Gang. All Scooby & Co  had to do was either kill Freddy or survive until Dawn. The Sunrise mechanic was from one of the scenarioa in "Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters". Basically a D6 is set at 3 and goes up at the end of every round (one turn by each player). Every time a turnover is rolled by either player the number of the dice will go down by one. This would seem to encourage more aggressive rolling from the monsters and more conservative rolling from the victims, helping the horror atmosphere. (in practice the counter hit "1" very quickly and hardly reached "2" for any length of time)

Starting to type, Velma was keeping a watchful eye over Shaggy and Scooby, who were busy at the refrigerator in the kitchen. Freddy and Daphne were in one of the bedrooms.

Freddy popped up on his own in the grave yard.

Sniffing something other baloney sandwich in the air Scooby alerted the gang, who gathered in the kitchen

Freddy summoned 2 Nightmare worms from the Dream zone to lead his tracking of the pesky kids.

Not wanting to be trapped indoors the gang headed outside. all apart from Shaggy who seemed to be reluctant to leave the food in the kitchen.

The Nightmare worms advanced on the house.

One Teleported in to engage Shaggy

whilst Freddy came knocking.
Velma and Scooby heard Shaggy's cries for help, and jumped back indoors via the windows before Shaggy had to run into a cupboard and change into a Hotdog sellers uniform (or something similar).

With the gang numbers negating the Nightmare Worms many head advantage Scooby and Velma's chainsaw soon saw it dispatched.
But the gang now split another worm moved in on Daphne

Freddy rushed in to aid Daphne, but lost his nerve as his attack faltered and fled away, tripping as he went. The Worm then dealt with Daphne. Freddy conjured a third worm at the back door (in the background) to press on.
It then closed in on the fallen Freddy, who somehow managed to defend himself and knock the worm down.

A third worm came round the house and efficiently dispatched Freddy.

The remaining gang member backed away from the horrible sights through the kitchen window.

The third worm, still drippping Freddy, teleported in to attack Shaggy,

but the hipster's heals were too fast and he fled off screaming.

The other worm then blincked in to ambush Velma, who was pushed out the door to the prowling Freddy.

The Shaggy scaring Worm turned to his hound, but only managed to recoil Scooby. The Freddy\worm combination knocked down Velma at the door.

But Velma managed to regain her feet and swing her buzzing weapon at Freddy, who hit the ground to avoid the full saw effect. Whilst he was down Scooby took advantage of not being engaged by his attacking worm to jump through the hall window and try to savage the fallen Freddy, but the master of nightmare fought him off.

The Worms combined to protect their master, but only ended fallen down whilst swinging her chainsaw at the combined snapping 5 heads.

Velma then struggled back to her feet to add her threat to Scooby's attack on the prone Freddy. This time the dogs teeth found their mark to send Freddy (and his creations) screaming and cursing back to the dream zone.


Thoughts on "Fair and Fear"

One of the problems I've always found in playing fun horror tabletop (or RPG) games is keeping the sense of horror in the game whilst we, the players, are all having a good, fun time. There is a different mechanic in F&F from "Song of Blades and Heroes" (SoBH) where the victim has to make a fear test when a monster charges it (different from the SoBH Fear special rule). This worked very well here, causing some extra uncontrolled results by the good guys during the game and helped play out the terror of being attacked by denizens of the night. The Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters expansion really adds quite a few extra fun rules  and character profiles for those TV\film ties ins as well which helps provide a clearer line between the bad side and the good side, as horror games tend to be extremely scenario driven and thematic. With so many close proxies for movie characters now available from a reem of manufacturers I now have an easy outlet for those "must have that but don't have a game to play them in" finds. Happy Days.

(Ohhhh, The Fonz verses Dracula.........!.....)


  1. Jinkies! I'm glad Velma survived! Surely now she pulls off Freddy's mask to reveal Old Mr Smith, and spoil his plans.

  2. I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

  3. Great review, sounds like a lot of fun! You already sold me on SoBH(I bought them all after reading your campaigns), now it looks like I need this as well. :P

  4. Replies
    1. The Works are Mage Knight plastics picked up from Ebay.