Sunday, 17 August 2014

Battleshed Diaries

A quick referral for you. My gaming buddy, MacSver has decided that his side of the story needs told and has dived into a blog of his own. It won't be just a set of posts completely contradicting my view of events however.

Alongside the sci-fi and fantasy skirmish games we mostly play he also has regular games of Saga, Flames of War and even Warhammer to name a few. He's also partial to an immersive boardgame or two (Firefly I think was his latest hit).

I'm also hoping that he will let slip some details of his projects he eludes to during our games but wants to surprise me with later. And publishing his high rolling Battleshed Dice chrageing technique would be nice (I'm sure his side of the table runs over lay lines or something!)

Anyway it'll all be happening at if you fancy.

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