Monday 7 April 2014

Dave Graffam Ruins

A bit of a lean period gaming wise, work schedules, weariness, etc have led to no games and a bit of a funk in enthusiasm. These periods happen though, so no real need to worry.

Whilst not being up to the levels needed to paint I have kept myself ticking over building some ruin kits downloaded from Dave Graffam.

For the ruins I print out the sheets on normal paper and mount one wall\floor side on picture mounting card before applying the other side of the wall\floor and assembling. This isn't and exact process as the kits are not designed to be assembled this way, but there is quite a lot of room for maneuver as they are ruins after all.

Using the mounting card gives a very durable end result, whilst still being easy to use with just a sharp hobby knife. I have been basing on thick box cardboard to try and avoid warping (and ease of cutting) which was a problem with earlier attempts using cork as a base. I then use wall filler to cover the ends and apply a coat of paint and wash to roughly match the table base mat I use.

The cost per building is pretty low.Most kit designs cost between $3-$5 (£2-£3), and many have a choice of texture layers, so that you can print out the same kit with different brick colour, window layout, etc to avoid repetition. Dave quite often has dollar sales as well, so it's worth keeping an eye out.


  1. I love Dave Graffam building and I have an extensive library even if I don't have the time to print all of them.
    Good and sturdy design, with a lot of reuse with the layer.
    Sadly, I never quite succeeded in doing the model on your 2nd pix.

    1. That's the first set of Graffam stairs I've attempted. Printed on 120gsm card instead of the method mentions above. Still needed a bit of fudging though (you can't see the "fallen support beam" under the stairs glued to keep the wall joined!