Sunday, 13 April 2014

Building Roads

I've been missing decent tarmac roads in my towns for a long time and finally got round to creating some.

For the job I bought some cheap (B&Q basic) textured black self adhesive vinyl floor tiles, and cut them into 6" x 9" sections (the size will become apparent later). I thought I could just do a quick dry brush with a dark grey to bring out the texture, but it the result was a streaky, so a light patchy spray of matt black, targeting the worst streaks, brought everything back down a bit (see below). I tried to be as sparing with the paint application as possible to avoid potential warping. I did take a few pictures of the various stages, but they all came out looking the same black oblongs!

A tile section brushing, sprayed and looking black!
Next a piece of cereal packet cardboard was but to the 6" x 9" and a couple of center lines were cut to template road markings. I was going to stipple white paint over the template areas, but couldn't find my tube of white paint and used white spray instead. A double edged sword this, as the spray gives a nice light coverage, but where the template was not flush the edges were feathered so need tidied up with black when the white had dried. I also wrestled with whether the roads would be right or left hand drive for the junctions but in the end , realising it didn't matter, used the cardboard edge to mask off a couple of section ends and sprayed right across the entire junction.

The result is a relatively clean tarmac road which I can use for my modern and beyond games. With a few craters, rubble sections They'll even manage in a ruined cityscape (as per the top photo).

Now onto phase 2. Remember the the attempt at intrigue over the 6" x 9" tile size? Well this is the largest tile size of Dave Graffam's Cobbled tile toolkit product, where you can create and print cobbled sections with a combination of various textured layers.

I had printed out a a few various cobbled sections beforehand. These are then just carefully applied to the reverse of the tarmac tiles on the self adhesive side, which gives a lovely tight dry bind (although be warned, there is no repositioning the paper with this tough glue!). This results in a nice cobbled street layout for no extra storage space. Bonus!

The cobbled side will be good for main streets in Fantasy towns or for Victorian era gaming.


  1. Looking good! Great ideas all round ;)

    1. Cheers, Monty. I've had those tiles sitting around for a few years after seeing someone else do the tarmac idea (better!)

  2. That is a good idea. Consider it stolen.

    1. Thanks. It was pretty quick. I'm kicking myself for not having done it sooner!

  3. That is freakin' brilliant mate - I am stealing this idea as well!