Thursday 20 March 2014

SoBH Campaign 4 - Battle 5

Terrain: Mountain
Scenario: Man Hunt

The battleground was set as above. At the end of the first turn Scourge appeared on the high Mountain tabletop on the right and would move randomly until within 2 x Long of any foe. Also Nicomo Cosca was identified as the adventurers murderer from the end of battle 4, with an extra XP reward for his death.

The First Law:
  • Bayaz, (Warband Leader) First of the Magi, 120pts Q2+, C3 Special Rules: Leader, Magic User, Traps
    Item: Armband of Protection
  • Logen Ninefingers (Warrior) 42pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Fearless, Forester
  • Ferro Maljinn, (Elite Archer) 56pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Shooter (Long), Unerring Aim, Stealth
    Item: Charmstone x 1
  • Jezal dan Luthar (Swordsman) 42pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Free Disengage, Acrobat
  • Black Dow (Warrior) 32 Pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Dogged, Fearless
  • Caul Shivers (Warrior) 36pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Fearless
  • Nicomo Cosca (Warrior) 38pts Q4+ C3 Special Rules: Opportunistic
Everglade Forest Guardians:
  • Galan (Wood Elf Leader) 100pts Q2+,C3 Special Rules: Forester,Leader,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage
    Item: Charmstone x 1
  • Folmon (Wood Elf Warrior) 36pts Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat
  • Ailuin (Wood Elf Warrior) 36pts Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat
  • Anlyth (Wood Elf Warrior) 36pts Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat
  • Mallosson (Wood Elf Warrior) 36pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat
  • Thonor (Dryad) 50pts Q3+, C2 Special Rules Forester, Distract, Free Disengage
  • Tatharon (Wood Elf Archer) 50pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules Forester,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage
  • Galadthel (Elite Wood Elf Archer) 56pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester,Shooter: Long, Unerring Aim, Stealth
  • Lavathor (Wood Elf Beastmaster) 52pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester, Beastmaster
NPC Monster 
  • Scourge (Monster) 197pts Q3+ C5 Special Rules: Danger Sense, Fearless, Free Disengage, Gargantuan, Greedy, Heavy Armour, Long Move, Magic Resistance, Mountaineer, savage, Snow Walk, Slow, Steadfast, Terror, Tough

The first couple of turns had the Everglade Guardians moving to keep some cover between themselves and the Behemoth that had awoken.

They rushed forwards towards the humans, keeping to the safe side of a cave entrance from Scourge

But the monster was on the move.

With the monster on the other end of the battle ground Bayaz wasn't in a rush to push his troops up the table, leaving the elves to charge forward rather than sit between the savage fangs behind and the deadly long range of Ferro in front. Unfortunately for them the couldn't roll enough actions to reach the human foe.

This left them in easy charge range of the First Law, who swept forward with devastating results. Mallossen and Folomon were taken out of the battle, whilst Ailuin and new recruit Lavathor were knocked to the ground. Anlyth managed to knock down Nicomo's attack, and with a random effect card turning it into a awkward fatality (avenging the.murdered adventurer in the process).

Meanwhile, the noise of the battle had attracted the attentions of Scourge.

The elves got up and tried to rally an attack. But for all their efforts they could only manage a couple of recoils.
The humans pressed again and killed yet another Wood Elf (Ailuin).

To add to Galan's problems, Scourge had manoeuvred round the rocky outcrops and was now in range of the elf rearguard archers.

In a change of tactic up front, the remaining elves ganged up on Caul Shivers and gruesomely killed him.

This causedBayaz and Jazal to briefly break away at the sight of the horrible event. Ferro fled the scene completely.

Fearless Black Dow had stood his ground, however, and charged in to avenge his fallen comrade. Unfortunately he himself was knocked to the ground.

Jezal was desperate to rush back in, but rolled an early turnover, leaving The First Law slightly scattered.

Scrourge now moved in to have it's say, attacking the elven archer section. Unfortunately for his stomach Tatharon somehow managed to squeeze through his clawed fingers.

Thonor, the Dryad tried to distract Scourge, but the beast magic resistance proved to strong. Galan ordered a combined ranged attack, and the trio of archers managed to hit the beast, causing it to back off an rethink it's next attack.

Back in the hand-to-hand, Logan Ninefingers was still battling away

But the remaining elven numbers were still grouped to close, and they ganged up and took him out.

The rest of the humans fled, all except their Leader, Bayaz. Showing the mettle that he expects from his own warriors he pressed forward in a rage at the opposing warband. But he strayed into the path of Scourge...

With both foes engaged, Galan used the breathing space and ordered a withdrawl.

Left on his own Bayaz had little option but to turn towrds the jaws of the beast and attack, yelling defiance...

but Scourge wasn't to be denied its meal a second time.

Battle Outcome: a Bloody and rollercoaster win 

for The Everglade Guardians.

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