Monday 17 March 2014

Making Geysers - Part 2

The Geyser construction continues from part 1. Apologies for the quality of some of the photos, I was having a bit of glare trouble to add to my drying time problems - Early March in Scotland isn't the best time for projects with many paint and wash layers!!

 Primed in Halfords grey auto primer
And completely covered in a cheap art store Burnt Sienna acrylic.

After the brown has dried  a dark wash of Burnt Umber and Black is applied

and then a dry brush of the original Burnt Sienna. As a note a this stage the colour scheme was matching in very well with the GaleForce 9 "Battle Field in a Box" Badlands kit that MacSver has.

 Now I wanted these to be definitely seen as geysers, not craters, so I painted some bluey\green and then blue to the base of the geysers and dry brushed the inside, edge and outer rim with green, yellow and some stippled orange to represent the colourful algae and moss you sometimes get round these water holes.

A weak wash of the brown\black again over the "algae" to tone them down a bit.

 A quick spray of matt varnish and then I used White Glue to represent water, with partial success (after 48+ hours of drying time!).

and the finished product...

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