Friday 26 July 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game

As we are in between "Song of Blades..." campaigns at the moment it gives by gaming buddy, MacSver, and I the opportunity to play some other games. This week I had MacSver pull out his miniatures for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: X-Wing game, which I've never played.

We were joined by his gaming brother in law John. Fortunately MacSver has a couple of sets and several expansions to the game (TIE-Advanced, Y-wings, A-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Slave I) so we all had enough ships to play with and just had a simple square go battle. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no pictures of his table, just a couple of borrowed ones for flavour!.

Fleet games are one category that I've never really played, apart from the odd participation game at shows with mixed feelings. With the low number of ships and their manoeuvrability this felt a lot more like a skirmish version of a fleet game. The game mechanics are easy to pick up and the turns move pretty quickly. Movement is not random, which is good, and the dice are specialised for the attacking, using a hit\defend system similar to that of Heroscape with a couple of extra smooth mechanics added in. There are other game play options to be made as well that effect the dice, so the turn never feels like it's just manoeuvre and shoot.

In 3 player games there always ends up one player splitting their forces having to defend\attack on two fronts. Unfortunately for our host it was him (shockingly poor manners by the visitors I know) but the game was very enjoyable and will be well worth a second outing.

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