Thursday 11 July 2013

Free Grass

Napoli Grass
Linked via a freestuff website, a package arrived with a couple of free samples of artificial grass today. I've read a couple of folk go on about this for small fields, etc, so when the chance arose I thought I'd investigate

Perugia Grass
Both samples were from Artificialgrass4U . For my two samples I picked out the Perugia and Napoli styles as these looked more lush and variated than the others.

Both looked better than I expected (if a little "wind flattened" by the postal journey) and not all plain green plastic bristle.

Using them as small fields of high grass for gaming will do nicely, as the example with one of my 28mm barbarians shows.


  1. Those do look cool - guessing it's too late on the freebies?

  2. They still have a free samples page on their website - I suspect they were just promoting it through the freestuff type website.

    Don't know if they'll do samples all the way to Canada mind you :P