Monday 8 July 2013

Dwarves Arrive

This time they're mine.

This week one of the numerous online vendor newsletters came in from Wayland Games, who were offering a one day 50% off sale for their Hasslefree stock. Now I love the Hasslefree range and I've looked at their Dwarves range with desire many times, so I bit and fired up an order and tentitively watched my inbox for confirmation. Anyone who has ordered from Wayland in the past would do the same. Their prices are excellent but a quick look on a few forums will tell you that Customers satisfaction is not always fulfilled, especially when it comes to items marked "Out-of-stock" claiming to that the order will be delayed for new stock. The last order I made with them was completely cancelled by them with no apology, and I'd vowed not to return. But it seems that sometimes money talks, I'm embarrassed to say.

Funnily enough, the couple of figures that were marked out-of-stock (but still available to order) were chopped off the order by Wayland (with a refund), but the rest of the warband (about a dozen) popped through the door 4 days later, so my reserves are slightly (but not completely) abated about the company.

Hasslefree however has never let me down. The figures are lovely. It did suddenly strike me that they seemed rather diminutive for standard fantasy dwarves, who tend to have a rather "rotund" stature. This could prove cause problems increasing my warband size whilst keeping them within the same look. I dug out examples from my lead pile for comparison, which you can see above.

Unexpectedly the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Gimli is a reasonable match, so I may well get a few Games Workshop LoTR Dwarves to flesh out the ranks...

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