Sunday 21 July 2013

Back from Dorset

Arabiansquire looks up at the business end
of a Super Tiger

Just back from a visit waaaaaay down south to (West) Dorset. During the visit I spend a few hours in the Tank Museum at Bovington. Anyone who reads Big Lee's blog (and there are quite a few of you out there!) will have seen what happens there. I won't put up all my photo's, just a few favourites, for different reasons.

French Heavy Char B

Churchill Crocodile


M4A1 Sherman

M10 Tank Destroyer

Panzer MkIV - a particular favourite of mine as it was the first
tank model I ever made (and liked) back when "I were a lad"

SdKfZ 251 Half Track

Sherman Firefly

Tank Mk IV

Tiger Mk I
(with some daft gamer insisting on being in the photo!)

Tiger MkII

Trench scene for a WWI tank attack.
(I doubt if the trenches had free exit signs mind you)
Also, in a bit of an unexpected place, we stumbled across a display at the Abbotsbury Swannery of a test Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb, which was tested in the area.

Being Scottish I can't help but think "muckle golf ball" every time I see it!

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