Monday 19 June 2023

15mm Armour


A quick wee project. In my 15mm stash I discovered two vehicles - an APC and an armoured car (?) from an unknown manufacturer (I'd picked then up in a job lot somewhere). Anyway, a nice wee diversion. They were sprayed a dark green and then blue tack was snaked over the surface before spraying in brown. Pale sand was then stippled over the brown before the blue tack was peeled off. Then a wash in Army Painted Dark Tone (taking off any that pooled on the flat surfaces) and a dry brush with Stone Green to edge highlight. The guns and tracks were painted dark grey contrast.

Something was missing so I went raking in the sci-fi box and found these old decals. The smaller sheets could well be nearly 30 years old! Thankfully they still worked to give the vehicles some markings. Happy days. No allotted function yet but good to go.

EDIT: thanks to the knowledgeable chaps of the 15mm Sci-Fi page they have been identified as Old Crow Miniatures, in particular a Gladius Medium Tank and a Trojan Light APC. OOP at this time unfortunately/

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