Friday 16 March 2018

Dead Man's Hand : Bloodbath @

We had meant to be playing the next Act in our Dead Man's Hand Campaign last Monday, but it was postponed due to dreaded Lurgy. MacSver had a casual game instead, playing one of the "All in!" scenarios. This was basically a grand battle with the added complication that some of the innocent townsfolk had barricaded themselves in the buildings. This meant that at test had to be made to enter a building, and a figure could even be shot at by the occupant !
As ever I'd failed to read the setup properly and deployed on the table edge behind the cover of a building, letting MacSver deploy properly, in an aggressive position of the other side of the same structure!

With the combination of  proximity and numbers the results wee bound to be quick and deadly. The whole battle lasted 3 rounds - 7 characters were killed in round 2 alone and MacSver's Banditos failed their (second) big nerve test at the end of the third turn. The shotgun's had most joy, but MacSver rolled more "1"s than even he normally boasts about which helped my Outlaws a great deal.

All good fun in preparation for the serious stuff next week...

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