Thursday, 1 March 2018

2017 Barbarians Finished - part 1

A couple of months late but I've managed to finish my 2017 28mm Fantasy project - add characters and appropriate scenery to my Barbarian Warband.

I had already added a Spearman and Dwarven couple last year, but I had another 4 figures sitting in the sidelines. Part of the delay was that the 3 Heresy miniatures required some construction, which I don't find overly enjoyable. But they all look the business now completed (or at least comparable in painting quality to my existing Barbarians.

From left to right, a Heresy miniatures Necromancer, a warrior from 4A Miniatures, a Barbarian halfling and Half Ogre (both again from Heresy).

The Necromancer comes with a skull or raven option for the left hand. The raven option helps him fit into a more natural druidic feel. The plaid on the warrior isn't the best, but I dulled it down enough to be passable on the table. The halfling I've had to make a berserker in my Song of Blades and Heroes games, as a halfling berserker is too funny a chance to pass up, no matter the lack of game logic! And the dynamic Boris figure is just great.


  1. They look good Sam; I'm just (slowly) coming through a prolonged blogging/painting stoppage. Hopefully will be up and running again soon.

    1. It's great to see your name appearing online again, Monty. More power to your painting elbow! :)