Tuesday 6 March 2018

2017 Barbarians Finished - part 2

 And now for the terrain part of the 2017 project. First up we have a lovely Ainsty Castings Stone Circle set.

Secondly I have 2 Scotia Grendel Standing Stones, covered in Pictish carvings. Next to them I have a trio of cardstock huts for the Barbarian village designed by PapierSchnitzel and bought from Wargamevault.

And finally I have the two easiest pieces of terrain. The skull is a fish tank ornament (bought from The Range in the UK). I gave it a couple of dry brushes to give it a bit more depth and also painted the Celtic knotting on it gold. The ancient dragon teeth palisades are made by Templar Wargames and as they were ex-display were already painted barring a bit of ground highlighting and flocking.

All just enough to add a proper Barbarian theme to the table.


  1. Atmospheric and beautiful, love these pieces of terrain!

    1. Thanks, Phil. The Barbarian warband feels a bit more complete with some "homeland" terrain for them.