Wednesday 17 February 2016

WIP Wednesday

Work at the moment is to bulk out the Pacific forces for Wings of War. The F-Toys Zero and Ki-100 come together pretty quickly. They are pre painted click fit kits (I still use glue) and once together just have a few decals to be added, a magnet glued on and a coat of Matt Varnish to see them completed.

Ready for a coat of primer next to them are the reinforcements for my US forces. A P-40 Warhawk and a P-39 Aircobra - both from the Revell Micro Wings range. Aside from a second Dauntless (which is in the post) this will complete Pacific air war forces.


  1. What do you use for bases to make these work for Wings of War?

    1. I use the ones made by Litko (I bought mine from Figures In Comfort @

      I then glued magnets to the tops of the pegs and the underside of the planes.