Monday 29 February 2016

Ral Partha Europe Dwarf Kickstarter

I'm not a huge Kickstarter junkie, but sometimes the company adds to the allure of the project, in this case Ral Partha Europe.

Being a "generic rules with no fixed miniatures" fan Ral Partha figures feature quite heavily in my collection (and wish lists). So their small Kickstarter to create a warbands worth of new Dwarves would always take a bit of ignoring. Well I failed! On the upside I failed so quickly I managed an early bird pledge level!

The campaign was funded in the first day and with early enthusiasm the rewards are being unlocked shortly after they are conceived. The campaign section of the KS has comparison pictures and the sculpts so far look like they will fit in with my (unpainted) old school dwarves, so this will hopeful see way to paint being applied (I'd stayed away from painting Dwarves with my buddy MacSver fielding them.)

I look forward to seeing how this progresses....

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