Sunday 6 September 2015

Bombs Away!

Last night saw a 3 player game of WWI Wings of Glory hosted by MacSver and also attended by Bill. It was decided that a scenario would be most fun, and a bombing run at Cambrai was picked.

The British forces constituted 2 "bombers" of a  Sopwith Camel and Bristol F.2B with a Spad XIII fighter escort. The Germans had a Fokker DR.I, an Albatros D.Va and a couple of trenches defending the objective, a farmhouse in the centre of the table.

A farm house in the centre of the table was the target for the British Bombs. To drop a bomb on target the plane had to finish a movement directly over the aiming spot of the card.

The Bristol, after a couple of attempts was still un-successful in its mission. however, its pilot accidentally did an immelman turn which fortuitously landing it right on target and it dropped it's bombs. Not unscathed, mind you with preceding hits from the Dr.I and fire from a trench wounding the pilot just as he dropped his bomb. The Fokker closed in and soon had it's revenge.

The trenches were not immune though, as the Spad XIII strafing the eastern position.

Meanwhile the Fokker had been receiving more fire from the Sopwith Camel, as just as the Spad closed in from a joining flank the Camel squeezed off a decisive shot.

The Albatross, however was unscathed. First damage to the Spad (and it's pilot) forced it to fly from the battlezone, then it put a second shot into the engine of the Camel to send it tumbling to the ground.

We didn't count up the victory points because everyone had enjoyed the game so much it didn't matter. Just the job!


  1. Wings of Glory gives a good game. I've found bombing tricky to get right.

    1. I was doing the bombing runs this game and after a couple of failed runs only managed by complete fluke!