Friday 28 August 2015

IHMN #2: Breakthrough the Badlands

The scene is set. Lord Curr's Company has reached the edge of Scorpion Hollow with their transport, a scheduled Ironclad boat, due to leave at it's appointed hour. but Victoria and her Palace Guard have moved to intercept.

Lord Curr's Company - Q Division, Extraordinary Affairs:

  • LORD CURR (71pts): pluck 2+, FV3, SV3, speed 1, armour 8, points 71
    Fearless, Hunter, Tough, Leadership 2+
    Hunting Rifle, Monocular Targeting Array, Combat knife, Lined Jacket
  • DAKOTA (American wolfdog) (16pts): pluck 5+, FV3, SV-, speed 0, move 12"/18", armour 7, points 16
    Stealth, Tough
    Big Teeth
  • MOHAN SINGH (36pts): pluck 4+, FV3, SV2, speed 1, armour 8, points 36
    Machine Gun, Sabre. Jack
  • ANGUS REMINGTON NEWEL (31pts): pluck 5+, FV1, SV2, speed 1, armour 9,
    Lancaster Patent Machine Pistol (range 12", WB 1, PM -1, 1 hand),
    Combat Knife, Brigantine
  • COLONEL HORACE F. BURN (32pts): pluck 3+, FV0, SV3, speed 0, move 12", armour 7,
    Erudite Wit
    Congreve Rocket Gun, Pistol, Civilian clothing, Electro Wheelchair (trike)
  • THE INCORRIGIBLES x4 (16pts): pluck 5+, FV1, SV2, speed 0, armour 9,
    Military Rifle, Brigantine
  • ELVIRA SYNG (10pts): pluck 5+, FV2, SV0, speed 2, armour 7
    Garotte, Civilian clothing

Queen Victoria's Palace Company:

  • QUEEN VICTORIA (45pts): Pluck 2+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0 ; Leadership +3,
    Brigandine, Shotgun
  • MR BRIDGES, HEAD BUTLER (17pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +1/ SV +1/ Speed 0 ;
    Lined Coat, Shotgun
  • CAPTAIN THOMAS PATON (46pts): Pluck 3+/ FV +4/ SV +4/ Speed +1;
    Leadership +2
    Brigandine, Arc Pistol, Sabre
  • SERGEANT ARTHUR BLAKE (42pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +3/ SV +3/ Speed 0;
    Bayonet Drill, Grenadier, Marksman
    Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle, Explosive Grenade
  • GRENADIER GUARDSMEN x3 (33pts): Pluck : 4+/ FV +2/ SV +2/ Speed 0;
    Bayonet Drill, Grenadier
    Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle, Explosive Grenade
  • GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIAM (14pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0
    Military Rifle
The Scenario is basically the Breakthrough scenario from the Core rule book. Lord Curr's Company must get at least one member of his Company onto the steam barge by the end of the game to secure redelivery of the blueprints. The Victoria Palace Company must stop them.

Victory Points: 2 VPs per enemy figure taken out of the game (5 VPs for a Leader), 20 VPs for the defending Company of no enemy models slip through, 5 VPs per figure the breakthrough Company manages to get onto the awaiting steam barge.

Scenario Complication: the area is infested with giant Scorpions (Bad Jack variation)
There are eight  Scorpions in the area which move randomly D3 x 1"each turn, attacking any miniature within 1". Pluck 5+, FV O, SV n/a, No Talents, Thick Hide (armour 10).

Lord Curr's Company came down into the hollow from the North

Victoria had split her company into two groups to hopefully cover the two flanks.

Caution was the word for the boat bound company, as Lord Curr ordered the Scorpions to be dealt with first before proceeding.  The scorpions may have been bigger than normal but the bullets were mainly just kicking up sand around them, until Mohan Singh opened up with his machine gun. Suddenly the scorpion was gone!

This had given the Palace Company to rush forward and take up covered positions overlooking the approaches to the boat.

And just in time, as Col. Burn zipped forward on his steam chair to cover the western approach, along side the Lord's faithful hound, Dakota. Meanwhile though one of the scorpions moved into contact with a Guardsman. Not to panic though, trained British Steel against small stinger.

Well the heat under the Bearskin must have hit as the soldier missed with his bayonet strike whilst the scorpion managed to strike through the leather boot of the Guardsman and he went out of the fight. Sergeant Blake disposed of the scorpion next shot.

On the Eastern ridge a Guardsman had taken position on prime sniping position and managed to survived a hail of suppressing fire for his efforts, followed by Mr. Bridges. Remington Newel and Elivra Syne were pushing up, and a volley of fire from the former was enough to force the royal Butler back beyond the rise.

Col. Burn was still sitting on the flank with his powerful Congreve Rocket gun. Groundskeeper William took careful aim a fired. He missed the Colonel but managed to damage the drive of his Steam Chair, rendering him immobile.

More long range death appeared down the western flank in the form of Mohan Singh (with his machine gun) and Lord Curr  (with his hunting rifle equiped with special sights). William managed to carefully squeeze off a second round and took the machine gunner out of the game. Lord Curr then sent in Dakota to attack the royal gardener.

Meanwhile, Elvira Remington Newel had ascended the eastern ridge to deal with the sniping Guardsman. The Guardsman managed to break out of the clutches of Elvira and just had room to step back and fire at Lord Curr's medic at close range, taking him out.

The boat was blowing its final whistle now. Some of the Incorrigibles rushed forward, but Sergeant Blake stepped forward and managed to hold them off.

Meanwhile William wrestled free for the teeth of Dakota. Much to his surprise the hound did not follow up but, to his dismay, turned and raced onto the boat just it was pulling away. The Guards had failed to prevent the breakthrough.

A win for Lord Curr's Company


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