Wednesday 26 August 2015

WIP Wednesday

New terrain project starts up. The graveyard was a set up I've been wanting to do for a long time. A similar long desired terrain area is a public park.

I have several 6"x 6" thick card squares from an old board game (Cluedo Super Sleuth in fact) that I am going to use for basing different areas of the park. Grass areas will be joined by sections of formally planted beds and displays.

I also have a nice scratch built wall I purchased from Ebay years ago that is getting a re-paint.


  1. Don't forget the duck pond!
    And litter-bins and dog-poo bins - otherwise the council will kick up a fuss.

    1. Duck Pond - good idea, Jimboba! The first use of the park should be in the Victorian era, so the bins may not be of immediate concern, but certainly for the modern era I'll have to look some out. I'll refrain from adding any "dog litter" on the actual grass though. There are always some lazy dog owners!