Wednesday 9 September 2015

IHMN#3: A Trip to Obsession

Lord Curr's dog, Dakota has been found safe and sound after sailing away last battle and is residing in the Sheriff's Offices (at the bottom of the above picture) awaiting collection.. Unfortunately, the secret plans secreted into his collar were also found and a local official is waiting for Lord Curr to collect, from the scaffold in the centre of town.

Lord Curr's Company - Q Division, Extraordinary Affairs:

  • LORD CURR (71pts): pluck 2+, FV3, SV3, speed 1, armour 8, points 71
    Fearless, Hunter, Tough, Leadership 2+
    Hunting Rifle, Monocular Targeting Array, Combat knife, Lined Jacket
  • DAKOTA (American wolfdog) (16pts): pluck 5+, FV3, SV-, speed 0, move 12"/18", armour 7, points 16
    Stealth, Tough
    Big Teeth
  • ANGUS REMINGTON NEWEL (31pts): pluck 5+, FV1, SV2, speed 1, armour 9,
    Lancaster Patent Machine Pistol (range 12", WB 1, PM -1, 1 hand),
    Combat Knife, Brigantine
  • COLONEL HORACE F. BURN (32pts): pluck 3+, FV0, SV3, speed 0, move 12", armour 7,
    Erudite Wit
    Congreve Rocket Gun, Pistol, Civilian clothing, Electro Wheelchair (trike)
  • THE INCORRIGIBLES x4 (16pts): pluck 5+, FV1, SV2, speed 0, armour 9,
    Military Rifle, Brigantine
  • ELVIRA SYNG (10pts): pluck 5+, FV2, SV0, speed 2, armour 7
    Garotte, Civilian clothing

Queen Victoria's Palace Company:

  • QUEEN VICTORIA (45pts): Pluck 2+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0 ; Leadership +3,
    Inspirational, Tough
    Brigandine, Shotgun
  • MR BRIDGES, HEAD BUTLER (17pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +1/ SV +1/ Speed 0 ;
    Lined Coat, Shotgun
  • CAPTAIN THOMAS PATON (46pts): Pluck 3+/ FV +4/ SV +4/ Speed +1;
    Leadership +2
    Brigandine, Arc Pistol, Sabre
  • SERGEANT ARTHUR BLAKE (42pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +3/ SV +3/ Speed 0;
    Bayonet Drill, Grenadier, Marksman
    Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle, Explosive Grenade
  • GRENADIER GUARDSMEN x3 (33pts): Pluck : 4+/ FV +2/ SV +2/ Speed 0;
    Bayonet Drill, Grenadier
    Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle, Explosive Grenade
  • GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIAM (14pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0
    Military Rifle
  • Sir James Reid (15pts): Pluck 4+/ FV 0/ SV +2/ Speed 0
    Lined Coat, Pistol
Scenario complications this time around were the gun-totting locals  (Pluck 6, FV+0,SV+1, Speed +0). If a shot from either side wistled an inch past them they would fire back at the perpetrator.

Victoria and Company started next to the river, having just made enquiries with the boat's captain.

Lord Curr's company came in from the hills, along the Stable Road.

The Palace Guard made their way up the main street towards the gallows. Groundskeeper William ducked into a building to try and find a higher vantage point.

Curr's group headed into town, meanwhile, as their leader took his long range rifle up to the overlooking hills to find a sniper position.

William's plan quickly paid dividends as high took out an Remington Newel with the first shot of the game.

As expected, the town gallows and graveyard became a focus of activity. Captain Paton tried to fire upon an Incorrigible, but his arc pistol shot fizzled hopelessly off a grave stone.

Elvira used her stealth to sneak round a stagecoach but is closed down by a Sergeant Blake. Mr Bridges also rushes in to join the situation.

Colonel Burn speeds into town towards the Sheriff office with view to picking up Dakota. He tactically halts and levelings his rocket launcher down the street whilst next to a protective innocent.

One of Guardsmen throws his explosive grenade. Much to everyone's surprise it goes off, taking out one Incorrigible and knocking down another.

Meanwhile Groundskeeper William is at it again, taking a shot at Col. Burn, and directly hitting the Old Man, taking him out of fight. The local is not impressed with the proximity of the shot and snapshots back at the gardener...

... right through the window, hitting William and knocking him down to the floor. Not to be messed with these townsfolk!

Out of picture a shot rings out from the hill's and a Guardsman goes down. Lord Curr lowers his rifle from behind a steadying rock, happy to have evened up the fight slightly.

Down by the stagecoach, things are about to kick off. Elvra turns to the Sergeant as he lowers his bayonet, but before anything can happen Mr. Bridges puts a hand up to the Guardsman, leans forward to Elvira and says "The tea from China travels furthest to the lips". The girl responds ""Brew me a cup for a winter's night. For the wind howls loud, and the furies fight." With that Elivra lowers her guard, Mr. Bridges pushes down the threatening bayonet and leads the group, with a very confused soldier, away to cover. Agent Elvira Syng had been brought in.

With the numbers between them and the objectives heavy against them, the remaining Incorrigibles decided to retreat.
This gave Dr. Reid the time to tend to the wounds of the Lord Curr sniped guard, reviving him.

A Win for Victoria