Thursday 18 December 2014

IHMN - Victoria's Palace Company

  • Queen Victoria (45pts): Pluck 2+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0 ; Leadership +3, Inspirational; Brigandine, Shotgun
  • Head Butler Mr. Bridges (17pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +1/ SV +1/ Speed 0 ; Stealthy; Lined Coat, Shotgun
  • Mrs Bridges the Cook (9pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +1/ SV +0/ Speed 0 ;Pistol & Rolling pin (Club)
  • Lady Isabel, Lady in Waiting (9pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +0/ SV +1/ Speed 0; Lined Coat, Shotgun
  • Groundskeeper William (14pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0; Rifle
  • Maid Agnes (7pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +0/ SV +0/ Speed 0; Shotgun
  • Young Maid Rose (5pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +0/ SV +0/ Speed 0; Pistol
  • Captain Thomas Paton(43pts): Pluck 3+/ FV +4/ SV +4/ Speed +1; Leadership +2; Brigandine, Pistol, Sabre
  • Sergeant Arthur Blake (28pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +3/ SV +3/ Speed 0; Bayonet Drill; Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle
  • Grenadier Guardsman (24pts): Pluck : 4+/ FV +2/ SV +2/ Speed 0; Bayonet Drill ; Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle
Totals: 273 Pts (4 Guardsmen), 249 (3 Guardsmen).

  • Captain Paton may change pistol for Arc Pistol: +4pts
  • Add Tough ability to Sergeant Blake: +5pts
  • Sergeant or Guardsmen may have explosive grenades: +6pts per grenade
As Ruler of an Empire that never sleeps, I felt I was on reasonably safe ground by giving Victoria a pluck of 2+ and a high leadership of +3. Similarly I feel justified in her being inspirational. When you are in a scrap, if you can't find the Monarch you serve inspirational when she's getting stuck in wielding a shotgun, well you shouldn't be there!

Mr Bridges, the Butler gets stealthy. A good Butler should not be noticed nor heard around the upstairs, and being butler to the Royal Household should make him one of the best. He also has some fighting skill, as no doubt some sort of training would be given to someone in the proximity to the Queen.

Lady Isabel has some shooting skill as her Daddy would have had her out shooting grouse on the Estate.

The Company is pretty civilian heavy, so I would expect a few casualties. Hopefully a strong flank of the Grenadier Guards will provide the decisive British grit.

The miniature are from Ironclad Miniatures, with the exceptions of Victoria, Lady Isabel and Maid Rose, whoa re Wargames Foundry.


  1. Nice squad dude! Love the household staff.

  2. Oh very nicely painted indeed Sir! Great stuff and what a great idea for a 'warband'. Terrific posting :-)

  3. Quality. What a great company and perfect for IHMN. Only one grumble, where's Mr Brown, Vic's Highland companion?

    1. I know what you mean, Vlad. That did occur to me when I was gathering the figures. I did see a manufacturer that released a Mr Brown figure about a year or go I think, but for the life of me I can't remember nor find it.

  4. I'm not sure that I will have a night at "Victoria's Palace" !
    of course, the figures are very well painted !

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm looking forward to giving them a trip out.

  6. Outstanding band. I've got Royal Zombie Hunters running through my head now. Well done.