Thursday 4 December 2014

IHMN - Grenadier Guards

Finally finished the last section of my Queen Victoria Company: the Grenadier Guards. They traditionally guard Buckingham Palace, so seemed the ideal choice as the troop segment of the company. The figures are all from Ironclad Miniatures, 4 standard troops and the 2 command.

I was really struggling with these to be honest. I launched into them as a whole but found them fiddly and didn't feel like picking them back up for ages. After Zomtober I re-addressed the group and only tackled them in pairs, which really helped and I started enjoying them - which is part of the point after all. In the end they are quite striking.

I'll post up a group photo of the complete Company once I have put together the stats.


  1. Very nice indeed. You've achieved a strikingly nice red there, which works really well with the white. Lovely fellows. Looking forward to seeing the complete company.

  2. They look quite dapper ! Looking forwArd to seeing the whol gang together

  3. Cheers, guys. The bright red has come out well. Wouldn't want to be doing any more than this lot though. My hat is off to those historical gamers who paint up those large tables. Phew!