Tuesday 9 December 2014

IHMN - Mountain Shootout

Following the successful retrieval of the Cyberman Tech data module in Obsession, The Doctor and colleagues re-located up to an abandoned mountain lodge to extract the data. Because of the residual Ion Flux the process generated the procedure could not take place inside the TARDIS. With the equipment almost set up they headed back to the TARDIS to retrieve the final cables, just as the Dooley gang show up to take back what they started out to have...

The action takes place round a run down lodge in the mountains. The scenario is the basic "King Of The Hill" from the main In Her Majesties Name rule book. The 2 sides battle over control of the house (figures on the cobbled base) and in the event of the objective being contested at the end of the game it would come down to who took out the greater number of enemy.

The Dooley gang approached from the West, a couple racing up to the cover of the fencing and the others covering from behind.

Three UNIT troopers moved to a vantage point overlooking the back other house behind a rocky outcrop. The rest of the company used the treeline as cover to manoeuvre round towards the house.

The strength of the postion was shown as they fired upon the advancing Ned, but his movement helped knock their aim and he only ended up on the ground.

Meanwhile Old Jeremiah had taken up an elevated position on the opposite corner of the house. His Hunting rifle and sights gave him a fearfully accurate shot that could reach across the battlefield.

This threat stalled the flanking advance of 3 UNIT troopers. They turned and regrouped with the Doctor behind some fencing.

Ned was back on his feet again and threatening the mostly unarmed civilians. The Doctor stepped out though and used his sonic screwdriver to jam his opponents gun.

With Ned desperately trying to unjam his weapon the troopers could concentrate on another target, who was taken out of the fight.

Old Jeremiah's attention was drawn by the firing though, and he drew a bead across the area and gunned down a surprised soldier. This caused the remaining 2 troopers to scuttle from their position for fear of falling victim to the deadly mountain man.

Time was drawing to a close however and everone started to move towards the objective where possible. Ned ran in behind the cover of some barrels, but Captain Stewart moved in to intercept. A melee ensued, but the Captain's rapier skills proved to be most deadly and bettered Ned.

Behind in numbers and into the last turn, the Dooley Brothers pushed forward to attack. They were both dual pistol wielding gunslingers, so had the capabilities to turn the game to their side right at the death.
UNIT troopers could only move into position, out of pistol range, and hope they might get a chance of a shot, as the gunslingers had the initiative.

There was a blaze of gunfire and acrid smell of smoke drifted across the mountain air. K9 was rendered scrap immediately, but the other cowboy shots could not make a telling hit. and the responding fire from the UNIT troopers put paid to any last minute victory for the Dooley Gang.


  1. Nice batrep dude! I like the quirky stuff.

  2. Doctor Who and IHMN...what a great idea!

  3. Thanks, Guys. It was good to get the Doctor using his Sonic Screwdriver this time.