Thursday 12 December 2013

Plastic Hex Builder Scenery

There are many really nice industrial\sci-fi laser cut terrain kits about just now. I keep looking at these from a distance partly due to my thin wallet thesedays but also because I know I have a mostly unused alternative sitting around in the hobby shed - plastic Hexagon system box sets. These kits have been around in various guises for a while now, in the past under the banner of Robogear, Urban War to name just 2. I think Pegasus Hobbies currently market them.

I've had a few sets, mostly in bits, sitting in the hobby shed for too long to remember. I'd picked up a few small boxes from Poundstretcher when the Airfix Robogear line went down the pan. My recent games of Urban War, however, have prompted me to properly sit down an try to put some useful terrain sections together, ready to be quickly put on the table.

 The main piece I wanted was a multi level tower structure a table centrepiece. 

 Next on the construction menu were some platform\outpost pieces (along with a couple of bridge sections). This gives more elevation and routes round the table. The can either be used stand alone...

 ...or connected together.

And with the remaining odds'n'sods I managed to put together some ground cover.

The upside of these kits is that they are pretty versatile, even if some of the shape combinations make my head hurt. Also my fingers hurt from trying to push in click-in joints, mostly from the edges of the clips. They are very metallic grey. I've seen some painted, even with just a wash, to good effect, but I am still undecided as to whether I want to mark some degree of permanence to my constructions with paint, or if I can even be bothered to be honest. I suspect it'll depend on whether I get fed up with the look.


  1. Some really good looking stuff! I have several sets and have only toyed with them to be honest. I was always planning to use them to provide gantries and such but to be fair, without a solid base used as such they are a bit flimsy. This post is inspiring though, bookmarking it for when I have some time to play with them!

  2. Thanks. I was in exactly the same boat, but I realised that after several years I hadn't made the underlying structures to add the gantries to, so just went for it! I also have a large platformer system box and Chemical plant one sitting around "to be added" to other no-existent scratch builds so might just push them into service sometime!

  3. How small the world is. I was googling for ideas for the same sets with exactly the same frame of mind. And look who I found? Cool.

    1. Glad I may be of some help. Get that finger soothing cream at the ready !!

  4. This looks great! I've linked your work in our article about Hexagon