Monday 9 December 2013

More Wild West Action

After the fun of the first session a second night of Dead Man's Hand was in order. No report, just some stills of the action. We played a full strength game of 21 Rep points (which only used 6 figures each).

One outlaw slips upstairs with the intention
of moving forward and covering the front street.

The first outlaw bites the dust, as the duo find themselves
 caught in a crossfire from two sides of a building

The Cowboy breaks the window shutter with the butt
of his shotgun to get a shot at the outlaw inside.

If  dice rolls aren't going your way, sometimes those close
range bonuses need to be exploited.

Highlights of the game must be
  1. the look on MacSver's face when I played a card allowing me to shoot through a building wall (I missed unfortunately). 
  2. My Man-With-No-Name blasting away 3 shots at MacSver's Outlaw boss from point blank range, hopelessly missing with all of them, only to have Tim's gunslinger sneak up and shoot him in the back of the head through a window. 
  3. Starting the premise of home ruled cinematic extra actions. In this case using an action of break down a window blind to get a clear shot in. I can see this being extended to other fun things: pushing a cart down the road to act as cover? Starting a cattle stampede? Rolling barrels?


  1. Looks fun !!
    I like the buildings and the figures.

  2. The buildings are lovely - pre-painted 4Ground ones. I think the figures are official DMH one' but the paint jobs are great. None of it is mine...