Thursday 19 December 2013

Chaos In Carpathia

Wargame Downloads are having a bit of a sale at the moment, so I took advantage and picked up the Chaos In Carpathia and Chaos In Cairo rulebooks for a measly sub £5 price each.

Both use the "Goal System", which I'd read before (but not played) in their SuperSystem Rules. These rules come equally highly regarded, and despite being separate standalone rulebooks in slightly different periods ("...Carpathia" is Victorian and "...Cairo" is Pulp) the characters are compatible and close enough to mix together. One oft-mentioned down point is their is no system to make up your own characters, but having looked through the 2 books there are easily predefined characters and hoods to furnish me with a few varied gangs, so it won't be a bother.

The rules look straight forward enough, and once a couple of warbands are drawn together I can see it being a lot of fun. Best hit the lead pile to add a few more to the orderly queue on the table...

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