Thursday 14 November 2013

A Hex based SoBH battle

Amazing what you find in your "Draft" folder sometimes. In this case a Hex based "Song of Blades..." game using Heroscape scenery and Lord Of The Rings Hex battle figures (which come in at 40mm scale, by the way), using the alternative Hex measuring rules found in the old 2nd Edition (this was 18 months ago and the revised edition hadn't been released yet)

The Scene was set as thus. A Magic stone was rumoured to have appeared in a mystic stone circle (conveniently in the middle of the board). Three groups; Orcs, High Elves and Humans (mostly), were sent out to collect it and return to their original bases.

With a quality of Q2+, the Elves sped up the table, reaching the stone circle first. The Humans and Orcs were slowly moving up the table, the humans hampered by terrain (water) and the Orcs by their poor quality.

Elven Swordsmen moved across to shield the stone carrier from the approaching Human force, but one of them was shot down.

The Orcs meanwhile were still struggling to make any headway, especially with their quarry quickly moving away from them.

The remaining Elf charges across the stream to confront the Human archer, rather than stand there as a target, but only knocks him back.

This does however give the Stone carrying Elf space to head back home, with a rear guard left to protect against the Orcs.
But they are soon in trouble. An Orc goes down, but the distraction allows the Humans to make contact. They have decided to sweep across the table, with Gandalf and Gimli heading towards the Elf home base to cut off the carrier.

The Stone carrier is almost home with Gimli being handled by 2 guards. But the gap in the defences allows two human warriors in to attack. The Elf is hangs tough though and kills one of his assailants.

As Gandalf closes in from behind, the Elven guard step up to help out their comrade.

He attacks, but now being outnumbered his attack fails and he is pushed back.

The Humans try to desperately surge forward and release their fellow soldier, but are repelled, and the Stone is finally brought back to the Elven base. It was a great deal closer than expected!


  1. Looks like fun. What are your thoughts on the hex system? Takes out measuring and you can record stats on the models. A lot to like, but they do look a little, well, hexy...

    1. Hi, Dan. The movement in hex is quite natural like a board game although having designated positions of movement means that it was easier to close down lines of movement for the opposition. The shooting ranges always seem "best" guess as some lines of sight will cut across smaller hex sections which is probably my greatest gripe. The game ran pretty much as a normal one aside from that.

      To be honest we played this as I had my brother visiting and Arabiansquire had the table all set up for Heroscape already. I doubt I'd set up just for SoBH as Heroscape terrain takes so long to setup\dismantle and it does indeed look hexy. Nice to play with my bigger (although slightly bendy) Hex battle figures though :)