Friday 8 November 2013

A Change in Personnel

This motley crew make up my November Painting Oath. They also represent a slight change in my next Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign personnel.

I had already lined up some modern GW Wood Elf Waywatchers to use a slick archers, but I could never drum up any enthusiasm to get them started. I did try a test model a month ago, but got fed up with the fiddly, meaningless detail on them. I already have some re-painted Marauder Era Wood Elfs, and their old school style wasn't matching the modern look anyway, so I've been off to Ebay and procured some more 80's Wood Elf goodness (and a compatible Female Elf whom I can't recall the manufacturer of) and a Dryad. To keep the look of the warband I've also ditched the plans to incorporate a couple of my GW LoTR figures as well.

Never really painted Elves before though, wish me luck!

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