Saturday 2 November 2013

Final (Kessel) Run Through

A night before game of X-Wing for McSver who had a casual Tourney the next day.

The Forces move into contact range.
100 points, with MacSver fielding the Falcon (naturally) and his favourite small ships, the A-Wings.
Slave and a trio of Tie Fighters made up my force. As an aside MacSver had a nice printed sheet from the X-wing Fleet builder at .

No real Battle Rep (as I had to leave early and hand over the control to someone else) but a few more thoughts.

A well placed proton bomb damages the 'Falcon
and an A-Wing.

  • The 'Falcon is a beast with a base "health" of 13 but you really need to hammer it as it's only has a single agility (defend) die. This may stop the pilot from having the luxury to drop target locks all the time to increase it's offensive efficiency (something I didn't do by the way!).
  • The extra points tied up in the pilot abilities are well worth it, but keep them in mind when making your tactical deployment (again more of my own advice I should try and carry for the next game!)
With so many maneuverable fighters,
stress tokens were in high demand

  • Don't always choose the coolest looking ships. If I played the rebels I'd be pushed to look past the X-Wings every time, but those little, unassuming A-Wings are great. Trouble is X-Wings are cool!
  • Get your target locks on and missiles fired early game. Later on, when your shields are failing you'll be using those evade actions instead of target locks and the missiles will go unfired (again, next game...)

I Wonder if I'll remember any of that next time...

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