Sunday, 16 June 2013

Urban War - Viridian Saurian Riders

Finally finished my Saurian Riders. A bit late for my Painting Oaths pledge, but life at the moment isn't really leading to hobby time (as the silence on the blog of the last few weeks would seem to back up).

There was a deceptively large amount of painting on these, so they took a bit longer than expected, Especially as I was adjusting the lizards skin after each application as I only had a rough idea of where I was going with it.

The models are also very top heavy. They all sit on one hind leg. The HGR one above needed to be propped up on the barrel as even when moved into place the whole thing sagged down towards the ground over the course of a couple of days. This also means that they can topple over forwards quite easily. I need to find a method of weighting down the underside of the bases. If nothing else I suppose Milliput may have to do!

Happy with the results. The marines and webbing all follow the usual colour scheme I've been applying throughout the army, so no bother there. With so much green and brown on their back I knew I didn't want the lizards to follow a green colour scheme, and I'm happy with the way the grey (with slight undertones of green) has turned out, making themselves and their riders stand out.


  1. Cheers, Irqan. Can't ask for a better reaction than that!

  2. did you use a staining method on the saurian skin? it looks fantastic.

    as for the weight, you could glue coins underneath if they fit, if not milliput - try to keep it to the rear only.

  3. The skin was one of those "paintjobs by evolution" (as there was no intelligent design!), where I had a rough idea of what I wanted with no game plan, so it probably involved more stages than necessary.

    I think the process was prime, dark grey base, black\green wash, dark grey dry brush, Devlan Mud wash, dark grey wet highlight, diluted stone green under side, light grey stiple on top surfaces, watered done Devlan mud wash. Or something like that ;)